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Thursday, 2 December 2021

Pinterest's Social Media Importance

 So today I wanted to talk about Pinterest. What exactly is this Pinterest? This is simply a social media platform. And there are a few things that make this special. This Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine. What is it? OK, we'll see about that later.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. So you know youtube is by far the best search engine after google. A lot of the things we find every day (via the internet) we still see on youtube. That kind of Pinterest is also a search engine. Pinterest has photos just like youtube has videos. So the UI on this Pinterest is also user-friendly.

The most popular categories on Pinterest are fashion, home decor, travel, fun and more. And the majority of people who use this are women. And the advantage of this platform is that 80% of the people who come to it get something from McCain. This means that the main thing that people come to this is to purchase something. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to make money online. Now you may be wondering what that opportunity is. Let me tell you - I'm talking about ebay, fiverr, and other ways to increase sales. If they match the source of your sales, you will be able to get a sale through it.

I will also talk about the Pinterest UI here. This is like the notice board in our schools. In this case, all the creations we make will be put on this board. That's how we can see that every post (pin) we put in is included in this. Posts we post on Pinterest are called "pins". Also, you can categorize the pin you put like this. The folder that is categorized in that way can be identified as a "Board". Anyone can see any pin you put .. It is not necessary to follow you.

Then I wanted to explain to show you how much you can do numerically in this Pinterest. By now you know about Pinterest but see if you know these things. If you are still doing business online (internationally) this platform will look like a treasure to you. Okay so let's see what are the highlights of this Pinterest.

1. According to a similarweb site, Pinterest receives 983.66 million monthly visits. 42.1% of that is US traffic (data used may change from time to time)

2. 98% of those visitors have tried something on this site. (Buys, watches, reads things like that) That means 963.98 million of the total value is trying something.

3. 88% of the people who come to this platform are inspired to buy something through this. That figure is about 865.62 million

4. And 79% of the total people buy something through this. That means 777.09 million people buy items through this.

5. 900 million people search Pinterest and no brand name is used.

6. It is used by 73% of women and is more likely to sell a lot of fashion-related items.

7. Organic traffic on Pinterest is as big as 99.93!

Do you understand now that there is a chance to become a millionaire through this? I say this because it has already yielded some results. If you are playing a game on the internet, this social media traffic is a source of money. You will now understand that Pinterest inside is a treasure.

Well after explaining the basic importance like that then we will talk about how we can make money by putting things that fit into this platform. The most important thing about this Pinterest is that you will not be given a single joke pin or meme pin on this platform. Don't just put them in the account. Also, you need to upload the pin for any niche. This is where you start genuine.

If your target audience is western, start moving to dark colors. Because people in western countries like dark, dull colors a lot. Also, make sure to put quality content with purpose. If you use US traffic, publish pins between 1-5 local times.

Okay, pay attention to everything you said. Before all this, pay attention to what you put in this Pinterest for about a week. Do not continue to upload pin-like Facebook. Then your account will be banned. So be sure to put in about 2 pins a day for the first few days. As time goes on for about a month you put in 3-5 pins a day. Put them in one at a time without a single moment.

So first you have to go to and create an account and see what is in it. If you have a phone, you can also use the Pinterest app. After about a week with this, the UI of this website will gradually understand.

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