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Saturday, 18 September 2021

5 shipping issues and how can eBay sellers overcome them?

 Many common issues with Drop Shipping on eBay. Shipping to eBay as a business can be difficult for many reasons. Here are just 5 of them:

5 shipping issues and how can eBay sellers overcome them?

Shipping time

If you do not own the item you are selling on eBay, it may be difficult to manage the actual shipping time. You need to ship fast to maintain a high customer rating and you will not be able to control it by dropping it.

Inventory control

You do not always have the correct inventory count. This can cause problems if you sell a product that is not in stock. You must either allow the customer to wait and at risk of receiving negative feedback or cancel the order altogether. Canceling too many orders will definitely damage your eBay seller's ratings.


Manufacturers always change product packaging. Although the product is similar; If a customer receives a different package than the image you are listing for, this may result in poor feedback.


When you do not control the shipping process, damaged boxes occur. The product may be really good but customers will feel negative and may want to return the product or give a poor response from your eBay store. If the customer intends to return the item, you pay for the shipping. Now you have lost the return fee and the original cost of shipping the item. If you skip shipping, be sure to agree with the company about damaged packaging. Although you are responsible for reimbursing your customer, many (not all) will not reimburse you for the original shipping.


Dropship storage companies work countlessly with other sellers on eBay. This generally reduces all chances of making any profit. These drop shipping companies usually charge a monthly membership fee along with many other vendors. This makes it difficult to make money if you do not plan to automate the listing and product update process.

So with all these reasons, you can say, how do most people successfully stop shipping to eBay and other markets?

5 shipping issues and how can eBay sellers overcome them?

The answer is automatic.

Automation instantly updates your inventory, pricing changes, packaging images and much more. You can do this if you list only a few products, but once you start listing enough for a living, you want to automate as much as possible.

The advantage of dropping shipping on eBay is that most people decide to go this route. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. You can rise relatively fast and if you automate you can quickly increase and sell hundreds (or even thousands) of products.

Pro eBay Advice:

  • To be successful, you need to maintain a good relationship with Drop Shipping
  • List the most competitive ones and try to get the best prices so that you can understand their policies
  • Once you start selling a lot of things you can usually get a good price
  • In order to reach that level faster, some people list to be competitive at rest
  • If this is a "money-making" route for you, set up a game plan and you will be ready for the shipping challenges on eBay.

Happy with online sales!

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