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Thursday, 1 July 2021

How to start a WooCommerce store?

 When you want to build an e-commerce store, there are two main ways to activate your website: with a hosting service or with a self-hosting service. That hosted e-commerce service runs the storage site just like any other application like Shopify. You will pay a little more each month, but there is not much to manage other than product listings, order fulfillment, and customer support. There are only five steps to starting a store and getting your first sale, and you do not have to worry about getting it right with security.

Self-hosted e-commerce apps like WooCommerce are cheaper- WooCommerce itself comes with free discounts. But it is traditional software that needs to be installed and implemented on a server on your own website. You need a little more technical skills to manage your website and keep it secure on your own. In exchange, you get more flexibility. You can change everything on your website, your exit experience, and the directory layout as you wish.

It's a valuable trade for many, and if so, WooCommerce is the simplest way to get started with the self-hosted email adventure. It is a free WordPress plugin that can be installed on an existing WordPress website and is just a few steps away from Shopify to start selling products.

Here's everything you need to start your first WooCommerce store.

To use WooCommerce, you need:

  • A server or hosting account
  • The domain name and SSL certificate
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • An account with extensions and payment services for your payment portal
If you already have a WordPress blog, you can install the WooCommerce plugin. But first, make sure your site has SSL certification available to you for free then we encrypt (and that your site is located in HTTPS: // in your browser address bar), as your website needs to sell products.

Tip: Is there a blog on You cannot install extensions on it, so you need to get your own server and install WordPress first. Of course, hosting services are expensive as well as cheap services that provide good service. That is what I recommend to you. That is, the amount you pay for the hosting service must be reasonable. Do you spend a lot of money on existing hosting services? 20-30 dollars a month! Of course, it is a crime. I'll show you a cheaper hospitality product. Check this out.

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If you do not have a WordPress website yet, you need to get that set up first. Get the item in the article above and start installing WordPress.Now is the time to set up WordPress. Go to your website, select your language, then add your store name and create an account on your WordPress website. Then you can go to your WordPress website and add pages and blog posts you just need to do if you want a basic website

For a store, you also need to install WooCommerce. Select Plugins -> Add New in the left menu, search for woocommerce, then click the Install button. Once it is installed click on Activate, then WooCommerce will open its settings screen.

Here, click through the options to customize your store location, currency, units, and payment services. You can select PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, and Check Payments by default If you use PayPal, enter your PayPal email account to add it to your store automatically. For column payments, you must add your column account key to the WooCommerce settings; For other payment gateways, you need to install their extensions and set them up later.

You may think I am quick. Yes, it is true. Because WordPress installation is so easy and secure that there are plenty of videos and articles that can be installed. I say important, not time-consuming. Check them out if you want.

Manage products and orders

WooCommerce includes all the tools you need to list your products, organize them with categories and tags, and manage your orders and customers. But remember: your website is first and foremost a WordPress blog, WooCommerce added.

So the top articles and page sections are about adding you and contact pages and posting blog posts with news about your store. After that, you will see a further product menu entry, where you can add and manage product lists. Each product includes a standard WordPress-style page with as much text and information as you need.

The most important part of product listing is the areas that go further down. There, you can add a brief description, which is what customers first see when they visit your product page. You will need to add the essential information and sales copy for your item here - then you can add more details about the product in the top mailbox. Also, the featured image will first show up on your page and in your catalog, and Product Gallery images will show up as additional images of the product in your listing.

WooCommerce includes other areas to help you manage your products. There are standard price areas with inventory, shipping weight, and size, and custom attributes. You can link products to create a collection of shopping-style products that people can buy together. Or, add tags to categorize your products by manufacturer, color, and more.

Orders work pretty much the same way: you can go to WooCommerce > Orders and view orders and view them on each WordPress style page. Being WordPress allows you to add ideas and additional information to orders to find anything you need.

Customize your store

Your store still looks like a blog - so you need to install a WooCommerce theme to work and function as a store. The Best One to Get Started Free: Store. It is a core theme of WooCommerce and includes all the basic storage features that allow you to customize it to suit your style.
You need to get a new theme for your woo-commerce website that looks like your blog. Although the internet has a lot of themes, I choose template monster, there is a reason for that. Although there are many websites, its customer support is very low but this site stands out among them. The reason is that the customer support here is very high. You can get a top web template below!

Get a web template now via template monster!

You can download and purchase other WooCommerce themes. Or, you can manually edit your store code to design your store.

Appearance -> Click Editor, you can edit your website directly with CSS in seconds. Or, select any other file from the theme. It's an advanced way of building your website - but you'll get the design you need.

There is one more thing to configure before launching your store: your homepage. By default, WordPress puts your blog on the front page, but you will want your storefront and center. To do so, open General Reading Settings, select the option where your home page should be a static page and then select your shop page.

By doing that, your store is ready for business. You can add and organize product listings, accept payments via PayPal, and manage your orders within WordPress - all on your server. Also, if you want to blog, your store is powered by a more powerful blogging tool.

Add additional features and integrations

Need more features in your store? Includes more tools like Shopify, WooCommerce, plugins called this time. You buy each plugin once for a fee, install it in your store and set it to work the way you want.

You can start right from your shop. Select WooCommerce in the menu and select Extensions, then browse through the available plugins or click the Price button to jump to its page on the WooCommerce site. There you can buy the plugin and download it. Return to your repository, you can add new plugins ->, and upload the plugin manually.

Each plugin has its own documentation, so make sure you install and configure each plugin correctly. It's a bit more work than adding a Shopify app, but with Woo Commerce, you can customize the plugins with the tools you use to customize themes if you want. It's a powerful way to build the store you want.

So this is how you need to create a woo-commerce web store. So the most important thing here is to be able to sell as you wish without any conditions. If you want to make money online, be sure to check out these other posts as well. You can see a lot more in the future through this website. Here are some things that may be important to you who are looking to make money online

So start following these tips and you will have the opportunity to earn good money online. Take advantage of the time you spend wasting your time on various lies.

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