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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

WooCommerce for WordPress - Review - Advantages and Disadvantages (2021)

 WooCommerce is often brought in when you consider it to be the best solution for fast-growing online stores. You can create a store with 5 products or a large collection of thousands of products. Regardless of the size of your business, the plugin is always free! As long as your hospitality and infrastructure can handle visitors and unlimited products, you better go.

woo - commerce advantages & disadvantages

WooCommerce owns 41% percent of all online stores. Not only is it the most popular e-commerce solution for the WordPress platform but the most popular e-commerce solution, time. WooCommerce currently has over three million active installations and was acquired in 2015 by its parent company, WooThemes, the automatic company behind

WooCommerce - Advantages

1. Cost-effective - WooCommerce's first advantage is not price - it's free. You can download it from the WordPress directory for free. Since WordPress is also free, you can create a full-featured online store for the cost of a hosting package. Although some advanced features are paid for (more than that) most extensions are quite affordable, and the most important thing is to buy only once and not subscribe.

2. Rich in Features - WordPress e-commerce users can sell physical and digital products as well as accessories. You can customize product variations, multiple shipping options, and payment portals as well as coupons, take advantage of full inventory and order management, as well as detailed reporting.

3. Customization - WooCommerce integrates well with many themes so you are free to choose your own design from thousands of capabilities. There are special WooCommerce ready themes as well as children's themes. Since everything is based on WordPress, with some technical pieces you can basically customize everything and the plugin is also developer-friendly.

4. Easy to set up and use - As we are talking about a WordPress plugin, it is really easy to set up. Download, install and activate. After that, a settings wizard will guide you through the startup-friendly setup. Once you are done, creating and managing products is as easy as managing other WordPress content. Detailed settings also give you complete control over your store.

5. SEO & Marketing - In the context of WordPress, users can enjoy platform search engine optimization and take advantage of powerful SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO. Most importantly, the platform is a blogging powerhouse that stores can use for content marketing.

6. Highly Expandable - In addition to the standard features, the e-commerce solution offers a wide range of free and paid extensions. For example, you can add PDF invoices, multilingual capabilities, membership activation, additional payment options, and more. The price range for a paid extension with WooCommerce is $ 249 free for a single site license.

7. Well Supported - The support structure behind WordPress e-commerce is excellent. Users benefit from regular updates and multiple support channels (WordPress forums, documentation, email support from WooThemes). It is also very well established and makes it easy to find affordable rental assistance.

8. Full Ownership - Finally, one of the main advantages of WooCommerce is that with a self-hosted WordPress website, your online store is completely yours and no one else's. With everything you have on your own server, you have complete control over what happens in your stores and can always take it with you when changing providers.

WooCommerce - Disadvantages

1. Depends on WordPress - As mentioned, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin, not a single piece of software. For that reason, you should be familiar with the WordPress platform and have a learning curve for those unfamiliar with CMS. However, it also applies to all e-commerce solutions on this list.

2. The real cost is hard to calculate - running a WooCommerce based online store comes with a variety of costs, including hosting, maintenance, and security measures. Most of these have to be set up separately and it depends on your users. Some research will be required, however, as there are many service providers for all.

3. Advanced Customer Requirement Skills - Users can change a lot about their site via mouse click and UI. However, your ability to make design changes depends largely on the theme you use. Advanced customization may require editing templates and designs, which can be difficult for beginners and may require hiring someone else.

However woo - commerce is a very important and valuable design for the e-commerce industry. The disadvantage here is that it does not hit us directly and is able to tap into our wallet through our needs. The unique advantage here is that we can get this for free. Many designs are priced, but this is not the case. So you can experience this 100% for free. But there is a problem, that is, it costs money to host a service. Many people make a big buck when choosing this. Why do you think you can make a huge profit every month through woo-commerce? Of course, it is! But you will not be able to see the results in a month. (Also walks on the knees) So you must definitely be smart here. Or you may have another black spot on woo-commerce. OK !! What do you say is the best host ??? Deepanko answers .... OK this is going to say about that amazing thing. There are a number of benefits to be gained from this and it is worth 1000% of the amount paid. Unlimited websites with free SSL !!!. How much will it be ???? $ 29 !!! This is crazy you can definitely see in the article below. Say Goodbye To Costly Hosting Expense Every Month  The advantage is only a one-time payment. Loading speed may exceed Amazon's speed !!! It would be nice if you could buy me a very high-value product that you can buy before looking at the article above so here it is !!

He is talking about that information today. I think I have learned a lot, so be sure to leave a comment. Stay tuned with us to see more of things like this.
I will bring more information about woo - commerce in the future. I put this because I just wanted to put it. woo- commerce is also its own business. 2 years is enough for someone who goes to work !!! We will definitely talk about it !!!


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