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Monday, 14 June 2021

Why Parallax design is not a suggested web design?

 Over the past few decades, the World Wide Web has undergone a continuous evolution, and web developers have had to make many changes in the way websites are created. From basic HTML design to Flash websites to DWT to Web 2.0 and more recent responsive and ideal designs. Each of these methods enjoyed a successful period of its own until a successor received part of the web market demands. Parallax design is one of the technologies that has unique market demand.

web parallax

What is Parallax Design?

Parallax design is a method of creating a website with a scroll effect as a single page. In other words, parallel design helps you to create a three-dimensional effect with moving visual elements in different dimensions. The entire content of the website is loaded at once and the complete information is displayed simultaneously. Some of the key points in Parallax design are the best class UI, controlling the alignment speed with the background images, thereby giving the viewer a pleasing look and feel. UX specialists may also have a combination of objects and elements to obtain additional visual effects.

How does this help make a business?

Typically, active access to calls is used to allow visitors to play with the site. UX specialists believe that this connects the viewer to the site and slows it down. On the other hand, for a website that sells a product (s), a storytelling approach is used. Yes, this is ideal for a product to display its features using some form of animation or interaction. You may think of this as an improvement over previous Flash access. Most visitors will appreciate if the product is described in this way rather than in a text paragraph.

Why do some designers turn to parallax design?

  1. Storytelling approach
  2. It can capture the attention of viewers (only if they keep scrolling)
  3. The entire navigation will be on a single page
  4. UIs can increase the credibility of sites

Despite some great facts about Parallax design, we need to share some insight into what caused its decline. In my opinion, many designers have largely missed out on understanding the feeling of the guests and the optimal pace of the narration. In addition, here are some of the things I feel could have contributed to the crash of the Parallax website.

  • Many designers forget the internal connection and lose SEO
  • Excessive scrolling can cause the viewer to close before moving
  • The amount of lagging compatibility for older browsers
  • Most mobile browsers do not have full support for Parallax design
  • There is always a compromise between performance versus presentation, as this requires loading multiple images.

With the growing popularity of portable devices, the current trend is to design for one and the demand for many to use.

By mid-2014, the responsive design had firmly and steadily expanded its foothold, dominating the market with background videos, flat designs, and interactive graphics.

web parallax

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