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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Top 5 Trending Web Technologies of 2021

 We are well aware that HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL were the basic development technologies at that time. Other than that, Bootstrap is one of the most popular and most used frameworks. But the IT world has recently seen a number of popular web technologies.
As a result, there are many technologies available, and choosing one has become a critical decision-making process. There are a number of programming languages, frames, libraries, tools, and more.

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The main specifications of the ReactJS library are simplicity, flexibility, and versatility. Even the UI of Facebook and Instagram apps is created using ReactJS. It is used to design interfaces for single-page applications as well as mobile applications.

With over 113k stars on GitHub, Vue.JS is a popular open-source JavaScript framework. Vue.JS is a lightweight framework that comes with everything you can get from angles and reflexes. It offers stiff competition for the ReactJS Library and AngularJS Framework for Web Development Technologies.


With the increasing demand for data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., Python has become a puzzle. It can also be used in websites, web applications, and mobile application development processes.

It can efficiently perform a number of web development tasks, such as command-line script execution, GUI creation, and web applications. Django and Flask are Python-based framework technologies used for fast web and web application development.


LAMP stands for MySQL, which stands for Linux OS, Apache HTTP, and PHP. To get the best results, the most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress (more than 31% powered by the web) also boosts the benefits of LAMP stock.

With the help of MySQL, PHP helps to add functionality to HTML and interact with databases. Therefore, developers keep PHP in their website development repository.


ASP.NET has the potential to build dynamic and innovative websites and web applications by stimulating Microsoft's .NET framework. When this powerhouse joins hands with Microsoft's MS SQL, you can create fast, simple, and scalable applications based on popular web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

.NET is one of the leading web development technologies in ASP.NET as it has become fully open-source in recent times.


The MEAN stock consists of Mongo DB, Express. J, Angular JS, and Node. J. It has been widely adopted due to the powerful group of web developers based on open-source JavaScript.

Mongo DB is a cross-platform, document-oriented database program; Express.js is a framework for creating web applications and APIs; AngularJS is a front-end web application framework developed by Google; Node.js is a client-side JavaScript running environment built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Thus, with the help of this MEAN stock, you can develop websites and applications exclusively on JavaScript.

Nowadays many of the aforementioned web technologies have the potential to provide a successful web education. Also, I thought it would be very valuable to know about these areas as you are a person who earns money through the internet. So I explained it simply to you.
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