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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Please read this before re-entering the ad !

 While preparing your business to resell ads with the help of third-party analytics tools, it is not easy to gather an "all users" audience, or "take it one step further to all users (except translators)." What do you lose by this ad reselling feature? Here are three touchscreens you can use in your Adwords account to make your re-advertising strategy more effective.

1. Get users back for conversions

In general, this is used for re-marketing: targeting users who visit your site or specific pages on your site and turning them back with ads. If you are not currently reselling, it may take you a long time to start reselling, as you will see the biggest impact of using re-ads this way.

For a low-traffic website (say 5,000 sessions a month), you can follow a standard re-marketing procedure that targets all or all users and excludes sessions with more than 0 conversions. But when you have high traffic to a website, you need to be more creative.

One smart hack is to identify and create different reseller audiences based on the specific pages that users have visited. Assume your site has the following pages: Home, Product 20 pages, Contact Us, and Blog. A user who has left the cart (low-funnel, near-decision) is clearly at a different stage of the decision-making process (higher-funnel, inquiry, and information gathering) then the user who visited your blog. Therefore, we need to develop a different re-marketing strategy for these users.

Instead of sending both of these users to the home page, try to send the abandoned cart to a product page specifically designed for conversion. Weave the best content out of parts with a clear call to visual action, and give them all the information that has prevented them from turning in their final visit. The blog visitor returns to the funnel; If you need contact information from them, you should send it to an ebook or a white paper, or a lead magnet.

2. Influence your current customers

Often, your ideal audience to earn extra income may be people who have already agreed to give you some details. In general, we rely on email businesses or our current customers to return to our site to see new products or offers. But why don't they use marketing again to get the message we want them to see?

The obvious limitation here is that the user still needs to visit our site in the last 30 days to stay in our audience, but this is a minor setback. The more traffic you have on your website, the more creative you can be. (If your site has frequent users, you are in good standing.)

Here are two simple re-marketing applications you should consider:

1. Introduce a new level of service/contribution with a higher price.

2. If users have purchased Product A, B will resell products that are closely related to the product (similar to introducing the product at the time of purchase).

3. Consumer awareness and retention

Current customers may find it difficult to connect with your content, as some of them are designed specifically for them so that they can better use your products/services. We spend a lot of time and energy creating content and getting it out of there. But the next step is to do everything we can to see it.

In general, we use social media and email to direct customers to our content, but re-marketing can open up another way to engage customers. If your content is visible on your email marketing, your website, your social media account, and the Google Showcase network, you are in a good position.

Giving your customers all the resources and information they need to make good use of your product/service will ensure their return. So, you can keep them on your resale marketing audience list.

By diversifying your resale of marketing you can see the following:

1. More interactions from your current customers who ignore your email.

2. A better understanding of the intricacies of resale marketing.

3. Direct specific audiences to personalized landing pages based on previous interactions with your brand.

Use your digital marketing skills to your advantage. The average cost (CPC) for clicking on Google ads across all industries is $ 2.32 on the search network and $ 0.58 on the display network. So understand that you have the potential to make a lot of money through re-advertising. The tips on my website are very important for you who are looking to make money online. Visit them now to see them.

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