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Friday, 28 May 2021

How to decide what to sell on Fiverr in 2021

 Whenever we think of making some money online, the first question that comes to our mind is what exactly is selling. Many people do not even try the idea of ​​making money online on Fiverr because they think it has no potential to offer to the world.

On the other hand, there are those who signed up on Fiverr years ago but never sold. They believed that making money online was not a fantasy or a career choice for them.

If you're looking for an honest guide to working successfully on Fiverr from a similar situation, continue reading this second article in the free Fiverr series. In this article, we will discuss how to identify what you can sell on Fiverr even when you feel you do not have the skills. Let’s see how to start with the right foot to achieve your free goals.

The tips I share today are the first experiences while working on Fiverr and the lessons I learned from the trials and tribulations. They are the cornerstone of my successful free movement.

Sign up for Fiverr with realistic goals

When you sign up for Fiverr without any plans and start randomly creating gigs, buyers will not take you seriously. They are always looking for professional sellers who know their job. See, free service is a business. You can’t jump blind and then complain about them when they don’t get in your way.

If you want to be a successful freelancer on Fiverr, you must make sure you do not sign up for this platform for all the wrong reasons. Do not register because it is popular, or you think it is an easy way to make money. Do not register because your account needs instant cash, or you think you have an attractive lifestyle.

Yes, the logical reasons may be to avoid daily commute, to have a more balanced life with your family, the desire to be your own boss, or to create a part-time source of income for yourself. Whatever your reason, it is important to understand your 'why'. You need to know what you hope to get out of free service and what it will take to reach your goals.

Try this: Before signing up for Fiverr, take a pen and paper and answer the following questions. Be as honest and realistic as you can when writing answers.

  • Why do I sign up for Fiverr?
  • What do I want to achieve on this platform?
  • How much do I like to work?
  • What skills can you give me on Fiverr?
  • How good am I at working alone?

Once you have clear answers to all of the above questions, it will be easy for you to determine your path on Fiverr. Instead of dreaming-free expectations, you will remember more realistic goals.

How to identify what's for sale on Fiverr

Here are some easy ways to decide what kind of equipment you can sell on Fiverr:

1. Make a list of your skills, passions, and hobbies

I believe we are all talented in one way or another. We need to identify and unleash our talents and abilities. Skills are not just from professional degrees or jobs. They can be developed in schools or colleges. You can teach your parents, friends or the internet some skills. You can build them through extracurricular activities.

For example, if you are a university student and you always complete your deadline on time, you have good time management skills. If you are part of a debating club, you have good persuasion and communication skills. If you are the captain of your football team, it shows that you have good leadership skills.

Fiverr is a very diverse marketplace and is not limited to business-oriented services. There are always buyers looking for unique and creative musical instruments. If you can draw well, Fiverr can give you the ability to draw. If you know how to cook, you can set up gigs that present information about food. Similarly, if you are in the car industry, you can create gigs that provide consulting services to those who want to buy a new vehicle. If you can create picture collages or slideshows using different images or make motivational quotes on images, Fiverr's image editing services can be provided. Additionally, if you have a specific full-time or part-time job, you can create a gig and provide the same service on Fiverr. you see? There are millions of ideas you can use to make money on Fiverr. All you need to do is identify them.

The best way to find your talents, interests, and hobbies is to list them. Keep notes of what you learned from the process. Making a list of your skills will allow you to find amazing gig ideas that have never happened in any other way.

2. Identify your location

Once you start searching for different services on Fiverr, you will find that there are a large number of categories of microservices on Fiverr.

For example, if you select the main category of videos and animations, you will find various sub-categories such as video editing, whiteboard video, logo animation. When you click on a subcategory, you will see other subcategories for this particular subcategory. Every major Fiverr service is categorized into different subcategories that are convenient for buyers and sellers.

While creating a gig, it is always a good idea to narrow down your services to the subcategory to which it belongs. If you choose the main category, the competition will be more than you. But if you reduce your service to the best level in a subcategory, it will be easier for you to find buyers and sell on Fiverr. Therefore, as a seller on Fiverr, your first major task is to find suitable categories and subcategories for your services.

3. Find out what others are selling

A good idea to get started on Fiverr is to see what others are selling. Browse Fiverr Market to find the best-selling devices. The best way to do this is to search for different services on Fiverr and rank gigs according to the highest ratings. It gives you an idea of ​​what Fiverr is in demand. You can save some of the best-selling gigs and use specific words in your own gig. This trick will help you create a gig that you can transform over yourself.

4. Solve buyer problems

Another way to find out what's selling on Fiverr is to create common problem gigs. Many Fiverr buyers who run their own business or website outsource some aspects of their work to save their time. You can help them with that by creating programs that are relevant to that task.

For example, many businesses outsource their data entry to Fiverr. There are many marketers on Fiverr who provide data entry services and make good money from them.

5. Know your value

Many Fiverr sellers sell their services at very low prices. They will give you 10 "high quality" articles for $ 5. Although it may seem tempting to offer discounts or discount rates so that orders can be processed quickly, I do not recommend giving your work away for free.

If you do not appreciate your work, no one else will appreciate it. Do not sell yourself cheaply. Know your value as a seller and set your prospective buyer’s expectations that your work will not be available for free.

Yes, to get an idea of ​​the market value of your skills you should do research on the fees that other marketers offer at your location. But do not compromise on your fees and the quality of work to attract buyers. When you do, buyers will not underestimate your work and will never give you the value you value for your work.

Last words

Freelancing is not a bed of roses and nothing is easy here. You should start a free service because you want to work for something you love rather than run away from what you hate.

Before joining any free platform, do proper research and be very clear about the goals you want to achieve. Once you are registered, set the right price for your services and work hard to build your reputation as a great seller. In the next article, we will show you how to register on Fiverr and set up your profile. So, keep reading and give your feedback.

Well, this is the end of the second Fiverr post, let's see what's next. You need to explain exactly how to register and how to set up a gig. And by now I have written about the basics you need to know if you visit Fiverr.

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