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Thursday, 27 May 2021

Here are 5 basic SEO tips for improving your website

 Working to improve and configure search engines. SEO Tips to Improve Your Website for SEO Increasing the visibility of your website is essential for the first results of search engines because you need to pay attention if you want to succeed in the world of the internet and digital marketing.

SEO tips for improving your website

The breadth of SEO is broad and varied. You have to progress step by step, from stage to stage and more. This article gives you a brief overview of how to look or get an appointment for search engine optimization in the first few minutes.

1- Use multiple images

Different images and visual shapes are a very effective way to break the uniformity of content and divide it into pieces that are easy to read and digest. Encourage visitors to read the article as much as possible without any boredom. Because Google is very interested in experience standards. Any method that increases the number of visitors to your website will increase your SEO efforts. The chart above shows the correlation and contradiction between using at least one image and ranking in search engines.

Below is how to do image SEO. It has the potential to bring a lot of traffic to our site. Take a good look.

2- Using short URLs

Short URLs are better for first-time users and for search engines that directly or indirectly improve the ranking of your site in the first results of search engines. Backlinko analyzed nearly a million searches. It was noted that short headlines worked better than long headlines.

3- Include the keyword in the first 100 letters of the letter

These tips can be quite SEO SEO and can give you high or average results and it will not affect you at all. But the inclusion of the keyword in the first 100 letters of the letter. When a visitor sees that the keyword he used in the search is already in the article, you will not be harmed at all. You will realize that it is in the right place.

4- Write a detailed description of your videos on YouTube

Writing a detailed and somewhat lengthy description below each of your videos in YouTube SEO will help the search engine understand what the basic video is and what it is. Special arts are instructed to write a description of at least 250 characters for videos on YouTube

5- Make sure your website is mobile friendly with different smartphones and screens

I think this is very basic advice, but the most important advice in this article. Google is now literally sanctifying the importance of mobile phones in various searches. If your website is not well optimized for different sizes of screens. All your search engine optimization efforts will be in vain.

So today we talked about how to increase the SEO of a website simply. I will explain this further in the future. Also, another thing is that WordPress sites have more plugins to create SEO than the websites you create from bloggers... It can also get a lot of traffic.

If you are interested in making money online then join us to see more posts through this. You will be able to gain a lot of knowledge through this.

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